It's not really about me.

It's about your project. It's about the deadline.

It's about the budget and the look.

Then it's about the camera package and lighting and the crew.

Then it's about the post workflow and and good reviews and deliverables.

It's about the client, director, executive producer and the PA.

It's about the subject. And maybe about the Talent.

For some, it's about the level of experience and years of practice.

Perhaps some days it's about noticing that encroaching light stand or piece of tape someone left behind.

I'm just there to point the camera and lights and manage a small army. Sometimes these days it's an army of one.

When that part is finished I push buttons and click a mouse until everyone laughs or cries.

We tweak color and image and audio until someone says: "Stop."

Then it's about the viewers.

I've been doing this an excessively long time. Please give me a call and let me know if I can help you along in your next project.

I certainly enjoy it, so maybe secretly it is about me.

bretweeks@hotmail.com / (206) 465-6568